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Kevin Box

Med-Ed Director

Kevin has been involved in public service, with a focus on EMS, since 1999. His unique experience comes from traditional frontline ambulance EMS, aeromedical and nontraditional work in the emergency room and delayed development classrooms.

After starting his career in rural Washington State at a rural fire department, he moved to working in a fast paced BLS ambulance in King Co. near Seattle. Then after paramedic education he had the opportunity to work in delayed development classrooms with medically fragile children. He then moved to Idaho to work as a private contract paramedic with the Air Force, working in the ER and transitioning to 911 and critical care transports, as the need arose. At the end of his contract, he moved to Montana, where he calls Helena home.

Drive for excellence in EMS systems and education has been his primary focus since moving to Montana in 2009. Currently works for St. Peter’s Health as a paramedic in a hospital-based ambulance system. At Best Practice Medicine he is involved in MED ED, SIM-MT, CARES and Special Projects.

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