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EMS Leaders and Services

Our goal is to rapidly connect you with the human beings you need to keep your operations moving. We get that TIME is of the essence. If you would rather speak to a member of our decision-making leadership team please call us anytime day or night!


Information For Human Resources

  • W2 employees of Best Practice Medicine (BPM)

  • Staff are primarily insured by BPM
    • Unemployment
    • Worker compensation
    • Healthcare
  • Supervised locally by your staff

  • Any human relations issues immediatly addressed by BPM human resources department

  • Fill regularly scheduled shifts

  • Travelers have the discretion to accept voluntary overtime coverage

  • Average five years of experience

  • HALO Certified (as required)

  • EMTs and AEMTs are also available

Education and Quality

Our roots are in experiential healthcare education. Like you, we know that there is a meaningful difference between passing a protocol exam and practicing medicine. For short-term staffing, it is particularly crucial that paramedics arrive at their assignments ready to provide care, not sit in a classroom. That's why we built the High Acuity Low Occurrence (HALO) certification.

To qualify as a travel paramedic with Best Practice Medicine candidates must complete the following process.

  1. Pass rigorous character interview and assessment
  2. Pass clinical board interview with senior BPM paramedic and physician staff
  3. Pass FBI background check, social media assessment, and credit check
  4. Submit up to date vaccination records
  5. Achieve initial High Acuity Low Occurence certification in the past 12 months
  6. Maintain HALO certification with 90% or higher in all disciplines (Hazards)

Our Guarantee

Ethical Travel Paramedicine

We are here to help, not hurt. BPM offers a number of guarantees to promote your organization, not pillage.

  1. We ENCOURAGE you to RECRUIT our travel paramedics to your team.
  2. We WILL NOT HIRE an applicant from your organization for 12-months from the end of our last contract with you.
  3. You have FINAL APPROVAL on all travelers assigned to your organization.

Want to talk with a member of our Leadership Team?

Call us anytime day or night! If we don't answer right away, we will return your call in an expeditious manner (typically 24-48 hours).



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