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National Mobile Campus

Preparing professional caregivers to make decisions that improve and save lives

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Experiential Education

Adults learn when they choose to.

This is fundamental to how we create learning environments that are proven to result in durable learning.

To us, a learning environment is primarily about the facilitators and educators. We are fans of the gear, don't get us wrong, there are incredible tools available today, and we know that the most important investment is in the educators, not the simulators.


Four Million Patients a Year

Combining simulation-based education with a deep pedagogical understanding of the experiential learning cycle using a purpose-built mobile campus, the four million patients cared for by Best Practice Medicine trained learners to have,

  • Better outcomes,
  • Experience fewer errors,
  • Benefit from cohesive team performance
  • Lower risk for system-related injuries and harm

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Built by caregivers for caregivers from the ground up.

Informed by a decade of learner feedback from more than 26,725 in-person learner encounters representing the full spectrum of healthcare. We built this for you.

We Serve

Clinical education, competencies, organizational orientation and operational proficiency can slow down and gum up hiring processes and limited resources. We help services safely, effectively and professionally get new hires up to speed and on the streets.

Interdisciplinary, multi-department, team based experiential education is the standard for hospital based caregivers. We love working with hospital executives, clinical and education leader, and caregivers to build curriculums and learning experiences that bring teams together.

We work extensively with universities and colleges nationwide. Integrating experiential mobile education into core curriculums allows healthcare learners of all kinds to engage in distributed content with the meaningful mobile hands on experience regardless of their zip code. .

While we can't share much about our work with DOD, we are a vetted and trusted provider of experiential education for America's warfighters and multiple federal agencies.

D-U-N-S #080051321

Refreshers, Paramedic School, and certifications, the NMC is the perfect platform to support the clinical needs of EMS teams of all kinds, rural volunteer services to air medical programs; we are here for you.

We would love to talk with you about experiential education, simulation, big trucks, or your favorite 90's band.


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High acuity and low occurrence events represent the most significant risk in the lives of both patients and clinicians. After years of development, the HALO certification combines and enhances several other certifications with simulation-based education and iterative experiential learning in a team-based clinical environment.

HALO Certification
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Apprenticeship model

The craft of live taught, highly impactful clinical education requires practice, focus, and serial iterations. This is why so few truly achieve mastery as experiential educators. We invest deeply in our educator team members. All of whom begin as experiential education apprentices who travel a customized curriculum of their own as they pursue mastery.

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Fully deployed the National Mobile Campus (#NMC406) needs a level location of approx. 100 feet long and 40 feet wide. This is typically 10-12 parking spots in length and 3-4 parking spots in width. We will work closely with you to ensure the placement of the campus is ideal for learners' safety and experience.

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Purpose Built from the Ground Up

  • Thousand sq. feet of next-generation learning campus
  • Six high-fidelity simulation rooms
  • Thirty-six learner simultaneous capacity
  • Professionally engineered sound systems
  • Broadcast-grade video systems
  • Lavatories, touchless hot water sinks, all season rated
  • Ten-ton HVAC systems, -10 to 125 F operating capacity
  • Thirty-three thousand feet of shielded CAT 6 cable

Course/Event Request Form

List up to three preferred training dates:

Our goal is to deliver world class training and education. To do this, we need your help to understand what your goals/objectives are for this event.

WEATHER CONSIDERATIONS - Special Note: One of our training instructors or staff members will contact you as early as possible to warn if weather may affect your event. Our operational control team will make travel decision based on MT DOT forecasting 24 hours prior. Within 30 minutes of a travel change decision, you will receive a call and E-mail from us. We take the safety of our teams incredibly seriously. At any moment during any portion of a training, the instructor has the absolute discretion to cancel or modify any program to prevent injury to staff and participants.