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Kris Hayden

Chief of Staff

With over 10 years of experience in Human Resources and Operations Kris
Hayden is a result focused leader who delivers talent acquisition, retention and
motivation solutions that help companies harness the full power of one of their
most valuable assets their people.
My dedication to creating robust culture that promote continuous business growth
and cultivates loyalty by empowering and motivating employees to realize their full
potential and bring their best to the job.
Having started my path in Human Resources with a corporate Grocery Store chain
that had over 500 employees. I spent over 10 years in employee relations centric
roles, learning the importance of communication, collaboration and teamwork for
the business.
My leadership and teamwork skills developed serving in the United States Air
Force working in Security Forces. During my Air Force career I was able to
achieve a Master’s Degree in Criminal Psychology.
By putting my Human Resource experience and SHRM certification knowledge to
practice I have successfully been able to shape companies core employees
programs, steering execution of Human Resources strategies and championing
the transformation of Human Resource into a function that proactively contributes
to the achievements of key business results.
In my free time,I enjoy spending time with my husband Dwane where we usually
are spending our time outdoors. We enjoy time on our side by sides, camping and

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