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Matt Hopkins

Emergency Responder/NMC Driver

In the Fall of 2019, Matt Hopkins joined the EMT class offered by Best Practice Medicine. Like many of the classes held at BPM, staff members and learners create a bond that goes beyond the nights spent studying. Like Covid, Matt was one to stick around for a while, so they decided they had better put him to work. Matt jumped in whenever there were volunteers needed, for EMT classes, and through the spring. He then reacted to an email that he received from BPM regarding job opportunities that had come up requesting help for screening miners and fire line EMT deployment. After a few months of screening and then eventually progressing to a Field Resource Officer position, he found himself sitting at a desk working full time with the whole BPM team in Operations.

Matt also works a second job with the beer company based in Bozeman MT called Montucky Cold Snacks, where he has been the logistics coordinator for 6 years. He developed the position during an 8 year stint, running a trucking company, out of Dillon, MT. He also spends a lot of volunteer hours working with Gallatin County search and rescue where he holds positions on the posse and alpine team.

In his spare time, he is an avid rock climber in the summer, an ice climber in the winter, and whenever there is any other spare time in his busy life, radio communications.

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