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The Science & Research of Simulation

Simulation Is Demonstrated To:

Reduce Preventable Medical Errors

Improve Patient

Prepare Teams For High Consequence Care

Identify Latent Patient Care Threats

As an official Provisionally Accredited Simulation Program, we at Best Practice Medicine take the Science & Research of Simulation very seriously. Below you will find a host of clinical resources and white papers on the vital subject and efficacy of simulation in healthcare. These resources, updated regularly, are for your information and education---to help you better understand the science behind medical simulation and to accredit your knowledge if you are looking to add simulation to your organization's regular training and education.
For additional questions or inquiries into how we can help bring high-fidelity simulation to your team or organization, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Simulation Improves Patient Outcomes

Simulation Prepares Teams For High Consequence Care