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Emergency and Disaster Response

National Dispatch Center



Wildfire Medical Response

Line qualified Paramedics, AEMTs, and EMTs

Multi-state and national licenses

4x4 BLS and ALS ambulance fleet

VIPR and EERA contracting

Wildfire Medical Team
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Natural Disasters

Trusted medical response team with FEMA

Proven in multi-state responses

Specialized in large-scale medical evacuations

Ultra short contracting and response nationwide

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Event Standby

For races, rodeos, major events, and the film industry we support medical standby and support needs of all kinds with our specialized fleet of ambulances and medical personnel.

Medical Standby Team
National Incidents In Progress

Our emergency response center team monitors and coordinates with local, state, regional, and national agencies. Learn more about current incidents below.

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We speak ICS

Experienced in multi-threat emergencies our teams, dispatchers, and administrators are trained and utilize ICS tactically on a per-incident basis. This approach is highly effective. Speaking the same language and approaching incidents with shared situational awareness is key to emergency and disaster response at any scale.

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National Dispatch Center


Specializing in rapid generations of ambulances, paramedics, mobile hospitals, and healthcare resources we move resources anywhere in CONUS in less than 24 hours of requests.

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Straight forward, practical contracting

Paperwork, while important, delays emergency response operations every day. That's why we field a team dedicated to managing emergency contracts with Federal, State, and local governments. The average time for contracting for emergency requests is LESS THAN the generation time of the resource. In other words, from the moment our dispatch team engages and resources arrive on-site, we guarantee the paperwork process will be accurate, legal, and completed without delaying the response teams.

National Dispatch Center