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About Us

We are Human to Human Company

We provide three people-centric service lines

Travel Paramedics

EMS Services


Best Practice Medicine (BPM) is a clinician-owned and founded small business started by three guys and a dog in 2015. We quit our clinical jobs and set off to build Best Practice Medicine because we saw good clinicians make bad decisions that hurt people, not because they wanted to, but because they lacked access to meaningful clinical education.

As our practice steadily grew the reality of how few dollars are assigned to healthcare education became a very real issue. To supplement this and recruit and support more full-time staff we established our EMS services team, providing paramedic teams and ambulance services in support of wildfires and other disasters in the West.

Responding to the needs of healthcare systems and industry as a result of the pandemic saw our roster swell to more than a thousand employees supporting a variety of operations coast-to-coast. As a result, BPM built our national reputation as an employer of high-quality paramedics and a trusted healthcare-oriented problem solver in multiple industries.

Education, EMS Services, and COVID response created the right environment and experience on our team to create and deliver the nation's first dedicated travel paramedic program. Where we are placing paramedics in EMS service, hospitals, and other healthcare settings in the same way healthcare has used travel staff for decades.

Today BPM is field teams of paramedics coast-to-coast, responds with our EMS services resources to local and national disasters, and sets the benchmark in meaningful education for high consequence teams.

We are working to,

Guarantee the health and safety of clinical teams and patients in time-sensitive decisions.

We know who we are

At Best Practice Medicine we live by a simple set of core values. Everything we do is informed by these values. When we win, it's because of them, when we lose, it's because was temporarily lost sight of them. Every member of our team knows that we hire, fire, promote, discipline celebrate, and reward around these core values of Best Practice Medicine.


The science of positivity is irrefutable. We cultivate and are responsible for positive energy and attitudes with fun, never take ourselves too seriously, and we notice the good, especially when it’s scarce.

Learner and Learning First

We are relentless in putting the act of learning first, for ourselves, our team and our clients and their learners.

Can-Do Fighting Spirit

We specialize in the challenging, the difficult and the impossible. We are by our nature problem solvers, trailblazers, inventors, innovators, and envelope pushers. Our constant curiosity pushes us to ask questions and keep going until the job is done.

Radical Support

We believe the purest form of compassion and kindness is support. We are more than helpful, we are radically supportive. When we recognize a member of our team, our learners and clients need help, we rush to their sides and do not leave until the work is done. We sacrifice for others.

Fanatical Attention to Detail

We make the complex simple by focusing on thoroughness, consistency, and the little things.

We have a plan

By 2031 Best Practice Medicine Will

  • Affect the direct care of 40 million patients in the United States.
  • Be ranked the number one company to work for Forbes.
  • Operate five distinct healthcare business units.

Who we work with

As world champion listeners we pride ourselves in quickly understanding your realities, key goals, pain points, and primary challenges. (Careful, we ask some straightforward questions).

Clients we love to work for:

  • Prepared to have open, honest, and vulnerable discussions
  • Clear about their specific needs and barriers
  • Ready to make a change
  • Willing to explore something new
  • Able to address and tackle the proverbial 'red tape'
  • Provide key decision-makers from the start

Clients we like to work for:

  • See the benefits of a creative and innovative approach
  • Navigate committee and hierarchal decision making trees effectively
  • Set realistic and achievable goals
  • Advocate through a system for a change in process
  • Field at least one champion, a true believer in our proven process

Clients we do not work for:

  • Make decisions for any reason other than what is best for the health and wellness of their communities
  • Lack the ability or authority to make a decision within a reasonable timeline
  • Are dishonest or disingenuous at any point during our relationship
  • Behave like jerks (We have a strict No Jerks Allowed philosophy at Best Practice Medicine)



Working with Ben in clinical practice and in EMS Education I have watched him build connections, with patients and providers alike. Ben is smart and genuine. His teaching is founded in professional experience, and delivered through his solid ability to help people visualize and communicate....

Steve Emerson
Medical Supervisor, Big Sky Resort / Gallatin Gateway Rural Fire Dept.

Having an experienced instructor was a huge plus for us, particularly since we have such a varied array of Paramedic and AEMT ALS providers, both permanently on staff and seasonally employed.  The fact that you were willing to travel to and around Yellowstone to provide such advanced-level training was appreciated. The realistic training scenarios were of great benefit to our providers.  Since our...

Joseph T. Bueter
Acting Emergency Services Director Yellowstone National Park

The trainings provided by Ben and Best Practice Medicine here at Big Sky Medical Center have been an outstanding value.  They definitely understand the unique circumstances which our small facility faces in providing health care in a rural setting, and have incorporated scenarios and discussions into the training material which model our real environment....

Phil Hess, MD
BSMC Medical Director

Best Practice Medicine made the learning fun and interesting for our staff. They are very knowledgeable and engaging. We are better prepared for a critical situation because of it. Thanks guys!...

Drew Dostal
CEO Rocky Mountain Surgical Center

I just wanted to thank you for being the Lead Instructor/Hal operator for the Code 99 Simulations that you did for the hospital in 2014. You taught 14 simulations, with 67 total participants from 7 different departments. I appreciate the professionalism that you brought to these simulations, from the initial planning stages to the final simulation on the last day. You did an excellent job of heari...

Jason Buchovecky
Emergency Department Nurse Educator

Having worked extensively with Ben King, I have found him to be extremely visionary, hard-working, task oriented, and committed to the success of any project. He was integral in the planning and execution of opening our Helena aeromedical base. This involved many complex components coordinating facilities, personnel, and equipment on a short time line. Without his input, the project might have sta...

Andrew Michel, MD
Montana State Medical Director Summit Air Ambulance

Ben and his team at Best Practice have been a life saver for us at RMSC. They have made getting our needed educated easy and they have been so accommodating to our busy schedule. Everyone has been so professional and pleasant to work with, I am happy to have them as part of our team....

L. A.
Director of Clinical Services at Rocky Mountain Surgical Center

I have to tell you what happened approximately two weeks after our simulation training. A local resident was flying his power parachute when he ran into the main power lines. He released himself (frame was hanging from the line) but when he walked around the parachute he touched the frame of his craft and was electrocuted. He came in with severe burns (40%). Myself and the provider had just done t...

​​Shirley Morkrid
RN Director of Nursing Liberty Medical Center
Founders Best Practice Medicine 4032X2248

Our Story

By Ben King, CEO

We, the founders, (Joe, Loren, and I) were practicing air medical critical providers and clinical educators with a problem. In the decades of experience in our diverse disciplines and models of response and healthcare, none of us had found a solution to our collective challenge.

So we built one.

In doing so, we were overwhelmed with the need for an independent team like Best Practice Medicine to support our incredible colleagues' healthcare. Today, we are humbled to lead a team of over forty change makers, driven to improve provider confidence and competence which we believe is necessary to decrease medical error and increase survivability through better performance and decision making in those, the most essential moments between life and death...

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