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Government Contracting

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Who We Are

Best Practice Medicine, LLC is a licensed and insured eligible federal contractor. Our organization is comprised of active paramedic, nurse, and physician educators with formal education training and experience specializing in high quality medical education programming for personnel with casual or professional clinical responsibilities. We can provide everything from custom pediatric and adult high fidelity medical simulation to medical education programs for all healthcare providers operating in the austere, prehospital, critical care transport, and hospital setting.

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Federal Information

  • D-U-N-S #080051321
  • CAGE ID #7QC67

Relevant NAICS Codes

  • PRIMARY: 611519
  • 611310 611430 611699
  • 611691 611710 621910
  • 621111 621399 621491
  • 621493 622110 624230

Core Competencies

  • AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider
  • AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • AHA Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • AHA New and Renewal Certification
  • NAEMT Emergency Pediatric Care
  • NAEMT Prehospital Trauma Life Support
  • NAEMT Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course
  • NREMT EMR Refresher Course
  • NREMT EMT Refresher Course
  • NREMT AEMT Refresher Course
  • NREMT Paramedic Refresher Course
  • EMR Full Course
  • EMT Full Course
  • AEMT Full Course
  • Hospital Cardiac Arrest Response
  • Challenged Pediatric Patient Simulation
  • Basic Airway Management
  • Advanced Airway Management & RSI
  • Basic & Advanced Capnography
  • 12 Lead ECG Interpretation
  • IBSC Accredited FP-C Review Course
  • Medical Team Critical Communications
  • Medical Staff Team Building
  • Custom Medical Education
  • High Fidelity Medical Simulation Training
  • One time and/or regular medical staff education events


  • Professional educator staff consists of EM Physicians, anesthesiologists, critical care flight paramedics, and nurses.
  • Largest network of educators in the western US.
  • All education programs are designed to be delivered to the client’s location.
  • Experience developing and delivering hybrid online/live education to exceed industry standards and provide maximum cost efficiencies to the client.

Best Practice Medicine also offers cost saving options for conducting NAEMT TCCC and PHTLS certification courses through provision of hybrid online/live course options for PHTLS BPM team member experience to include:

  • AHA TCCC Affiliate Faculty with multiple combat deployments experienced in all options for TCCC delivery.
  • Instructors experienced with USAF Para-rescue style Trauma Lane methods, instruction, and student evaluation.
  • Experience in instruction through use of high-fidelity medical simulation.

Past Performance

  • Montana DPHHS – EMSTS | Developed and deployed Naloxone Master Trainer for Montana LEO & First Responders.
  • Montana DPHHS – EMSTS | Statewide coordination and administration for NAEMT EPC course and instructor network.
  • Simulation in Motion, Inc. | Project Management Entity for $4.6 million USD mobile high fidelity simulation program.
  • American Heart Association | Developed and deployed hybrid online/live instruction sustainability education for Mission Lifeline Montana initiative.
  • Montana DPHHS - NAEMT Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC) | Program administration and instruction for all of Montana prehospital providers. Robin Suzor, EMSC Program Manager, (406) 444-0901, rsuzor@mt.gov
  • Hebgen Basin Fire District | Best of Practice Seminars including Capnography and Advanced 12 Lead ECG Interpretation Seminars. Chief Shane Gurbe, (406) 640-0301, sgurbe@hbrfd.com
  • Bozeman Health Big Sky Fire Department | Capnography Interpretation Seminar, AHA certification courses. Captain Stephen Pruiett, EMS Training Officer, (406) 995-2100, spruiett@bigskyfire.org
  • Health Big Sky Medic Center | Hospital Team Start-up Resuscitation and Team Building Simulation Training for a new medical facility. Phil Hess, M.D. Medical Director, (406) 995-6995 phess@bozemanhealth.org

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