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Openings and Opportunities

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Travel Paramedic/EMT

Fall in love with EMS all over again. Experienced Paramedics and EMTs who are ready for a change and looking for adventure will find a new home as a traveler with clinician-owned Best Practice Medicine. Explore the country for assignments typically lasting 90-180 days supporting EMS systems of all kinds.

Current needs:

- Augusta, Georgia (Medics - start date TBD)

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Affect the care of Millions

Experiential Education

Prepare teams for high-consequence patient encounters

Travel Paramedic Staffing

Recruit, educate, and place high-value, low-friction travel Paramedics temporarily to EMS, Fire, Air Medical, Hospital, and other healthcare settings filling essential roles.

Disaster Response

Generate EMS-based resources on ultra short timelines in response to large-scale disasters and emergencies nationwide.

Where we are going

We have a plan. By the year 2032:

We will affect the care of 40 million patients a year

We will reduce preventable medical error by 75%, as measured by the IOM

We will supply travel paramedics in every state and five other countries

We will be ranked number one business to work for in America by Forbes

We will generate annual revenue of 1 Billion