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Occupational Health and Emergency Response

At Best Practice Medicine, we offer a complete range of medical services for all your health and safety needs. With hundreds of years of combined clinical, administrative, and program management experience in every distinct field of emergency medicine, we understand the overhead that workforce health and safety requirements represent for our clients.

BPM is proud to provide highly skilled and licensed ALS providers to improve and augment your organization's safety and emergency response. It's not just about the emergency response, it’s about the health and safety of everybody on the property.

In addition to advanced EMS care onsite, our staffed medics fulfill regulatory requirements like audiometric testing, drug and alcohol screening, safety health risk assessments and more. Our aim is to reduce your financial and administrative overhead by supplying expert care providers so you can focus on your expertise.

Custom Care Solutions Built for You

Let's face it, industrial environments vary from site to site. We recognize that the care you need is not the same for each site, let alone for each company we work alongside. That is why we custom build a plan for you, it's not just cookie-cutter care that doesn't take into account your specific needs or challenges. We work with our clients to create unique solutions for their unique needs.

It is our purpose and passion to be the leading change maker in the emergency medical industry—to support and prepare you and your teams with the highest level of care and support possible. Our mission is to guarantee the health and safety of clinical teams and their patients, meaning you and your employees.

Offsetting Overhead Costs

Refineries, mines, power plants, and factories represent high-risk work environments and require on-site medical personnel. However, these teams represent immense expenses to industry partners.

Best Practice Medicine's medics can fulfill regulatory requirements such as:

  • DOT/Non-DOT Drug & Breath Alcohol Testing
  • CAOHC Certified Audiograms
  • NIOSH Certified Spirometry
  • Respiratory Clearance & Fit Testing
  • Ergonomic and Safety Health Risk Assessments
  • Safety and Rescue Team Training

From routine training and consultation, to full 24/7 ALS Provider staffing, we create custom solutions that work for you!

We understand that each site is different. That is why Best Practice Medicine works with you to create custom solutions to your medical staffing needs. Let us work with you, so you can go back to work.

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Our Process

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World Class Service

From the first moment you call Best Practice Medicine you can expect the highest quality of service possible. Our team utilizes multi-faceted communication and sophisticated client tracking software to provide timely communication with all clients of any size.

Dedicated account managers work directly with clients to identify needs, negotiate contracting, and advise on services. Your account manager is with you every step of the way so we can adapt services as needed.

24/7 support through our Emergency Operations Command (EOC) provides customer support any time of day or night.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

With the understanding that every industrial environment is unique, we know a cookie-cutter solution won't meet your needs 100%. With that in mind, we approach every new client or project with a non-biased and flexible perspective.

A virtual or onsite needs assessment brings to light areas where your organization can be best supported by BPM. These findings help define the services needed by each individual client so when contracting begins, you know the solution is built for you.

Once an account manager is assigned to your organization they will reach out to discuss and confirm the services we can provide.

Contracting Transparency

Hidden fees, sleazy salesmen, and dishonest pricing have no place at Best Practice Medicine. As a small start-up business, we know how troublesome these suspect business practice can be.

We believe in contract transparency, so our clients know exactly what each penny they are paying is going towards. Varying contract and pricing models can be used to suit your needs best. BPM is a strong proponent of Cost-Plus pricing because it is simple and straightforward, and it focuses on your particular needs rather than the industry as a whole.

Our bottom line isn't the pennies in our bank account, but the patients who return home to their families.