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Clinical Staffing

We recognize the need for specialized staffing solutions in austere environments as well as rural and frontier communities. Our highly trained staff are ready to deploy for industrial safety, medical facility staffing, or disaster response.


Vaccine Administration and Support Taskforce is partitioned into elements capable of supporting multiple inoculation efforts across the country in a coordinated effort with public and private partners

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Wildland Fire

Our Wildland Fire EMS team deploys for USFS and other contracts across the western United States. Contracted through the Nation Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) our teams deploy for fire line EMS.

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Medical staffing solution custom built to suit your needs. Our expertise in novel and austere emergency medicine situates us as experts in clinical staffing agreements. Find your solution today!

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Industrial and Remote

Improve safety and employee satisfaction with the implementation of third party emergency response. Staffed BPM Medics brings a higher level of advanced care to your site. Keep your people safe.

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Our Covid-19 Strike team is here for your screening, testing, and vaccination needs. Staffed with hundreds of providers our Covid-19 Strike team has been essential for private and public partners.

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Medical Standby

BPM offers EMS personnel to provide standby medical services for your event or clients. We match your organization with a provider and resources capable of rendering immediate emergency care.

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High-Caliber Care Wherever You Are

Customized Care Provider Solutions For You

Bottom line, we are here to protect your people and save lives. No matter what industry, work environment, or geography, your company operates in, you can trust our clinicians to protect the health of your employees and provide exceptional pre-hospital care.

Best Practice Medicine has a proven track record and a committed history of meeting our clients' community health care needs. As a forward-thinking and innovative parter we meet any your staffing needs with our can-do fighting spirit.

Our customizable solutions can augment or improve the safety of your operations. We support each unique clients' specific staffing needs to best care for your workers.

  • Mining and industrial ALS Response
  • Medical Facility Surge Staffing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mobile Clinics
  • Entertainment
  • State and Federal Government

Our diverse team of clinicians with hundreds of years of combined experience are ready to deploy for any number of EMS responses. With an average response of 36 hours for large scale deployments, we can scale with and integrate into any incident command structure efficiently, when time matters most.

Some notable deployments include:

  • USFS Wildland Fire EMS staffing on the largest fire in Colorado history
  • Covid-19 screening and testing across Montana for public and private partners
  • VAST - Vaccine Administration an Support Team deployed in the winter of 2021

Wildland Fire Response

Paramedic Resource Group was initially founded to target the need for well trained EMS responders to deploy with Forest Service Fire Line teams. Our staff deploys across the U.S. to provide emergency medical care to the fire fighters who risk it all to keep us safe. Dedicated providers will treat, extricate, and evacuate the sick and injured to their full scope of practice. Providers will work under medical direction to perform non-invasive life saving measures on the front lines of America's wildfire defense. Contracted through the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), PRG staff is at the ready and will deploy to areas in need. With strategic resource placements across the Western US and a top tier medical direction team of emergency physicians we are fully equipped for advanced life support calls.

Best Practice Medicine contracts with federal, state, tribal, and local authorities to provide highly trained and qualified EMTs, Paramedics, and other first responders to provide medical service on wildland fires. Our staff are all fire line certified operators with National EMS certifications and ICS training and arduous pack tested. Our team integrates with any incident management system, regardless of scale to provide the highest quality of care possible.

Clinical Staffing

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we saw first hand the effect of overwhelmed medical systems. In the event of healthcare system overload—when the number of patients in a healthcare system exponentially exceeds the available staffing or when medical staff are unable to work due to patient exposure—Best Practice Medicine will provide staffing relief for impacted areas. Natural disasters and pandemics pose a major risk to healthcare systems, especially in rural America where staffing is already short. We are proud to deploy licensed and highly trained EMTs, AEMTs, Paramedics, CNAs and Nurses to reduce the load on burdened medical systems. Outside of the emergency circumstances we can provide the same high-caliber providers as Locum staffing resources to augment your healthcare system. Travel nurses can fill these vacancies on a short term basis - typically 8-32 weeks. Temporary providers integrate into healthcare systems and provide seamless patient care using established protocols, charting, and patient care practices.

FEMA and Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, we're here to respond. Hurricanes, derechos, earthquakes, and other natural disasters represent some of the largest emergency responses we see. With local emergency response often overwhelmed and tapped by these devastating incidents, it is imperative to have teams ready to assist. PRG contracts with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to deploy our elite team to communities affected by widespread loss with dire consequences. Our fleet of customizable emergency response trailers can be outfitted for any disaster response, including teams of specialized care providers. Within the Incident Command Structure, Best Practice Medicine can deploy single resources all the way through complex multi-resource elements. With a fleet of well maintained ambulances, mobile and customizable emergency response trailers, and a staff of dedicated administrators, we are uniquely positioned to quickly outfit and deploy emergency response vehicles on short notice.

Industrial and Remote Medical Staffing

At Best Practice Medicine, we offer a complete range of medical services for all your health and safety needs. With years of combined clinical, administrative, and program management experience in every distinct field of emergency medicine, we understand the overhead that workforce health and safety requirements represent for our clients.

BPM is proud to provide highly skilled and licensed ALS providers to improve and augment your organization's safety and emergency response. It's not just about the emergency response, it’s about the health and safety of everybody on the property.

In addition to advanced EMS care onsite, our staffed medics fulfill regulatory requirements like audiometric testing, drug and alcohol screening, safety health risk assessments and more. Our aim is to reduce your financial and administrative overhead by supplying expert care providers so you can focus on your expertise

  • DOT/Non-DOT Drug & Breath Alcohol Testing
  • CAOHC Certified Audiograms
  • NIOSH Certified Spirometry
  • Respiratory Clearance & Fit Testing
  • Ergonomic and Safety Health Risk Assessments
  • Safety and Rescue Team Training

From routine training and consultation, to full 24/7 ALS Provider staffing, we create custom solutions that work for you!

Medical Standby Services

Best Practice Medicine offers standby medical services to bring highly trained and qualified providers to any event. Fully rigged and outfitted ambulances compliment our ALS and BLS providers. Each ambulance is staffed with a Paramedic and an EMT and is capable of basic and advanced life support on scene while awaiting a transporting ambulance.

Concerts, rodeos, sporting events, fairs, or any other large gather of people represent a heightened risk of incident due to the volume of people. Having a qualified and prepared emergency care provider team on-site drastically reduces response time, consequently increasing likelihood of full recovery of a patient. As with many things, it is far better to have standby medical services and not need them than it is to need them, and not have them.

Beyond public gatherings, BPM also offers private medical details for guide services, family vacations, or dignitaries. Through this service we provide one or two licensed and qualified providers for immediate response to any emergency to join your group for a specified length of time.

VAST (Vaccine Administration and Support Taskforce)

In short, our Vaccine Administration and Support Taskforce (VAST) represents a team of over 100 specialized personnel, five purpose-built ambulances, four mobile vaccine clinic trailers, and the associated technical and strategic support resources for self-sustained or integrated deployments. As a task force, VAST is partitioned into elements capable of supporting multiple inoculation efforts in our home state of Montana simultaneously with our national partners in a coordinated effort with public and private sector stakeholders.

Best Practice Medicine works with federal, state, and local authorities as well as private organizations to provide the qualified staff necessary to administer Covid-19 vaccines and the ample space and resources needed to do so effectively. Our dedication to improving patient care in this humanitarian crisis doesn't stop with education, and access to quality healthcare is increased exponentially with the introduction of staffed, mobile vaccine clinics. By providing the specialized personnel with decades of experience in emergency medicine and austere operating environments we mitigate the growing inequalities and administrative overhead for vaccine administration.

Travel Paramedicine

A first of its kind venture that allows paramedics to take on long-term, temporary travel contracts. This is not event staffing. Nor is it asking paramedics to go work an absurd amount of hours for months on end. This is an opportunity for paramedics to make a direct and positive difference in communities while traveling throughout the US and earning a paycheck that represents their hard work, expertise, and dedication to the field.

We are hoping to be the change-maker in this industry shift. By our nature we are trail blazers and problem solvers, disrupting the status quo in favor of better practices, systems, and tactics to deliver the best possible care to patients. So what else makes this travel paramedicine thing so great?

  1. Autonomy - You get to choose the contracts that interest you and fit in with your life.
  2. Flexibility - You’ll work standard shift schedules like 24/48s and 48/96s.
  3. Camaraderie - You’ll be working alongside others who share your drive.
  4. Security - Housing will be provided/arranged for you.
  5. Compensation - You can earn upwards of $50/hr
  6. Consistency - You’re not doing one off events, or just doing COVID relief. These contracts will typically be 90+ days long and this will continue past the COVID era.
  7. Recognition - You’ll be supported by a team who genuinely cares about you and your well-being.


Our Process

It's what sets us apart

World Class Service

From the first moment you call Best Practice Medicine you can expect the highest quality of service possible. Our team utilizes multi-faceted communication and sophisticated client tracking software to provide timely communication with all clients of any size.

Dedicated account managers work directly with clients to identify needs, negotiate contracting, and advise on services. Your account manager is with you every step of the way so we can adapt services as needed.

24/7 support through our Emergency Operations Command (EOC) provides customer support any time of day or night.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

With the understanding that every industrial environment is unique, we know a cookie-cutter solution won't meet your needs 100%. With that in mind, we approach every new client or project with a non-biased and flexible perspective.

A virtual or onsite needs assessment brings to light areas where your organization can be best supported by BPM. These findings help define the services needed by each individual client so when contracting begins, you know the solution is built for you.

Once an account manager is assigned to your organization they will reach out to discuss and confirm the services we can provide.

Contracting Transparency

Hidden fees, sleazy salesmen, and dishonest pricing have no place at Best Practice Medicine. As a small start-up business, we know how troublesome these suspect business practice can be.

We believe in contract transparency, so our clients know exactly what each penny they are paying is going towards. Varying contract and pricing models can be used to suit your needs best. BPM is a strong proponent of Cost-Plus pricing because it is simple and straightforward, and it focuses on your particular needs rather than the industry as a whole.

Our bottom line isn't the pennies in our bank account, but the patients who return home to their families.