Simulation – Cardiac Arrest Response

Code Response Training

We have two short questions for you.

How often does your facility or department train for a cardiac arrest event? 
  • Once every two years in CPR recertification?
  • Every now and then with manikin?
  • Never?
If you were to walk through any department in your facility, how familiar are your staff with the contents of the crash carts? 
  • The operation of the defibrillator?
  • What airways devices are available ?

You might be surprised at what you find. 

Accredited High Fidelity Simulation 

Cardiac Arrest Response Training

Here at Best Practice Medicine we developed a Montana Nursing Association accredited simulation program for high fidelity cardiac arrest simulation training.  As an important metric of survival of CMS and JAHCO, BPM can prepare your team for these critical response events in a specific department or your entire facility. 

Your education department has a huge job and chances are they do it really well. We start by working with you education team to identify goals and objectives with the focus on your organization as a whole target training for resuscitation events at the department or facility level as a specialized program

Class Testimonials

Best Practice Medicine made the learning fun and interesting for our staff. They are very knowledgeable and engaging. We are better prepared for a critical situation because of it. Thanks guys!

Drew Dostal

CEO Rocky Mountain Surgical Center

Working with Ben in clinical practice and in EMS Education I have watched him build connections, with patients and providers alike. Ben is smart and genuine. His teaching is founded in professional experience, and delivered through his solid ability to help people visualize and communicate.

Steve Emerson

Medical Supervisor - Big Sky Resort / Gallatin Gateway Rural Fire Dept.