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I was fortunate enough to have taken my EMT course through Best Practice Medicine, and since then have also taken a few of the other continuing education classes that they host. The team at BPM is always an absolute pleasure to be around. All of them are kind and friendly people, and they want to see their students, peers, coworkers, etc. do well. The staff and volunteers are extremely knowledgeable, and well-equipped to share their knowledge with you. The classes they offer are taught very well; if you put in the hard work and dedication from your end, they will deliver nothing short of excellent from their end. It's a blessing anytime I am able to learn from them, and they are my first choice for any future classes I might have to take, as well as my first recommendation to anyone who is interested in taking an EMT class or any other class in this aspect of the healthcare world. I look forward to future encounters with them. Thank you, BPM!

Jane Wallace

EMT Student