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I just wanted to thank you for being the Lead Instructor/Hal operator for the Code 99 Simulations that you did for the hospital in 2014. You taught 14 simulations, with 67 total participants from 7 different departments. I appreciate the professionalism that you brought to these simulations, from the initial planning stages to the final simulation on the last day. You did an excellent job of hearing the vision that the group of nurse educators had for these simulations, and integrating your skills and the technology (Hal) to provide professional, high quality experiences for the participants. These simulations can be tough because we include a variety of positions (techs, CNAs, RNs, RTs, and PharmDs) and there is a wide range of education, from never having ACLS to being ACLS certified for 20 years. Your student evaluations reflect your ability to connect with all the participants in a personalized way, across the diverse backgrounds. Three themes arose from the participant’s evaluations of you: Clear communication, simplifying complex information, and respectful. In addition, I appreciated that the technology allowed our staff to use our equipment on Hal, including our defibrillators just as we would on a person. This level realism and the hands-on approach contributed greatly to the success of these simulations. I have had several people from the simulations tell me that they have felt much more comfortable in actual code situations after participating in the Code 99 SIMs. I hope to work with you on more simulations in 2015.

Jason Buchovecky

Emergency Department Nurse Educator