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Having an experienced instructor was a huge plus for us, particularly since we have such a varied array of Paramedic and AEMT ALS providers, both permanently on staff and seasonally employed.  The fact that you were willing to travel to and around Yellowstone to provide such advanced-level training was appreciated. The realistic training scenarios were of great benefit to our providers.  Since our call volume peaks during the summer months, being able to thrust providers into as real a scenario as possible is essential to “knock off the rust” from a dearth of calls during the winter.  As a teacher of adult learners, my staff and I certainly benefit from your positive attitude and constructive teaching methods as well. In addition, thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with our protocols and tailor each training to our needs, and being flexible enough to work through last-minute staffing issues on site.

Joseph T. Bueter

Acting Emergency Services Director Yellowstone National Park