Kendra Reinlasoder

Simulation Team Specialist

Kendra was hired directly into Obstetrics at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Polson. She worked in St. Luke’s Convenient Care, then devoted six years of night shift coverage to their OB, ER, & Med/Surgical departments. Kendra was recruited to assist in the development of St. Patrick’s new LDRP unit and enjoyed training night shift nurses to the nursery. A surgical position at St. Luke Community provided float time between cases to assist with triage/trauma and provide on-call circulation and nurse-sedation.

Honored to join S.K.C. staff as a Simulation Specialist and Clinical/Skills-lab Instructor, Kendra remained in the nursing field as a float nurse for Kalispell Regional Medical Center’s IMC, Med/Surgical, Surgical, and Infusion units. She was then promoted to full-time Faculty & Clinical Coordinator following completion of her B.S.N. Graduate work through Capella University is scheduled for culmination Dec. of 2019. The Simulation Specialist position with the Western team of SIM-MT fulfills a drive to improve patient outcomes and empower caregivers through cutting-edge evidence-based concepts shared through mobile simulation.

Kendra enjoys cross-country skiing and finding remote hot springs in the winter. Summer is filled with swimming, kayaking, concert-going, camping with her friends/parents, and hiking to mountain lakes. Her four sons (ages 6-20) gift her laughter, joy, and youth. Her Great Pyrenees & Anatolian dogs keep her active. Kendra will be a lifelong advocate for a blend of critical-thinking with holistic nursing concepts.

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