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Jeremy George

Senior Educator

Jeremy is a Senior with Best Practice Medicine and a Critical Care Paramedic. His recent experiences included running a multimillion-construction company to flying as a Flight Paramedic and deploying for the U.S. Army on a Blackhawk helicopter team.

Flying for a civilian HEMS team in South Texas as the Base Clinical Lead and working as faculty at University of Texas Health Science Center in several of their Paramedic Programs to include the Army Flight Paramedic program and San Antonio Fire Department’s Paramedic program Jeremy is a clinical and project management expert.

A graduate of University of Texas Health Science Center’s Army Flight Paramedic program and their Critical Care Paramedic program he is also a NAEMT and AHA Instructor. He serves as an Army Flight Paramedic in the Texas Army National Guard flying hoist rescue for Texas Task Force One missions as well as a recent Medevac deployment to the Middle East

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