Irene Siddons

MED-ED Instructor

Irene has been in pre-hospital medicine since she was eighteen. She started as an EMT in the Los Angeles CA later completed Paramedic school in Reno, NV where she worked at REMSA for the next four years.  She accepted a job here in Montana working as a Paramedic/Firefighter with West Yellowstone Fire Department, where she fell in love with the mountains and the peaceful lifestyle Montana has to offer. During her ten years with the department, she became very active in our local EMS community. She worked with Air Idaho where she flew as a Flight/ Medic in Idaho, Montana, Arizona, and Wyoming while also working part time with the local ground ambulance AMR out of Bozeman, MT. In 2015 she decided to open a business here in Bozeman helping people live a healthier more active lifestyle based around nutrition. Since the opening of Fired-Up Nutrition she has opened two more locations and made the decision to go full time with her businesses in 2017. She has a passion for teaching and medicine so she was brought into the Best Practice family as the Med-Ed Director where she looks forward to teaching best practices to students in our EMS community.

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