Brianna Overbey

MedEd Instructor

Brianna is native to Montana born and raised in Billings, MT. She started her career in EMS in 2010 and has been an EMT for three services in Montana.

Brianna has found a true passion for education and helping others succeed. She has taught EMT classes for eight years and loves to further her education. Since receiving her EMT license she has gone on to achieve multiple other titles. She is a Montana Lead Instructor, State Proctor, BLS Instructor, Stop the Bleed Instructor, Naloxone Master Trainer, and a Clinically Certified Medical Assistant.

She now lives in Glasgow, MT where she is a full time medical assistant at the local clinic as well as part time on the local EMS service. Since her move to Glasgow, MT she recognized the need for more advanced training and continuing education opportunities in the high-line and teamed up with Best Practice Medicine to make this a possibility.

In her free time, you will find her playing with her daughter, volunteering as a local art teacher, diving into her newest art project, or learning new skills such as playing guitar and taking flight lessons.

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