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Paramedic resource Group (PRG)

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Best Practice Medicine is dedicated to improving patient care nationwide. To that end, we now offer direct clinical patient care through our Paramedic Resource Group (PRG). PRG represents an elite team of healthcare providers including EMTs, AEMTs, Paramedics, RNs, and Physicians. This team deploys for EMS response, including wildland fire, industrial and manufacturing industries and provides staffing for medical facilities. In your time of need, we are first to respond.

Novel and Specialized Environments

We recognize there is much more to patient care than basic skills. With the introduction of unique environments, patient care can change radically. Paramedic Resource Group consists of medical professionals who have made a career out of working in these unique locations. From Ski Patrol and wilderness medicine to critical care flight medicine, our providers come with decades of combined experience treating the sick and injured in challenging climate and terrain. Because of this expertise, we recognize the need to provide staffing in an effort to bring high caliber medical care to anyone, everywhere. From wildland fire line EMS to industrial facility medical staffing relief and healthcare system support, if you imagine a need for specialized EMS personnel, we can fill it.

COVID-19 Strike Team

As the COVID19 pandemic sweeps our nation Montana industries are being deeply impacted. PRG is responding to demands from around Montana with the deployment of our COVID19 Strike Team. We have positions for immediate deployment. PRG is providing a large, qualified workforce recently out of work and simultaneously supporting major Montana industries in need of our COVID19 Strike Team. If you are OEC qualified, or a license EMR, or a licensed EMT, we strongly encourage you to apply immediately for this important team. Clinical and non-clinical positions available

COVID-19 Strike Team Job Description

COVID-19 Strike Team (non-clinical) Job Description

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Wildland Fire EMS

Paramedic Resource Group was initially founded to target the need for well trained EMS responders to deploy with Forest Service Fire Line teams. Our staff deploys across the U.S. to provide emergency medical care to the fire fighters who risk it all to keep us safe. Dedicated providers will treat, extricate, and evacuate the sick and injured to their full scope of practice. Providers will work under medical direction to perform non-invasive life saving measures on the front lines of America's wildfire defense. Contracted through the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), PRG staff is at the ready and will deploy to areas in need.

Wildland EMS Job Description

Industrial Facility Medical Relief Team

During times of medical staff shortage due epidemic, pandemic, disaster, or any other taxing event, Paramedic Resource Group can supply relief workers to replace medical staff at industrial and manufacturing facilities. Refineries, mines, power plants, and factories represent high-risk areas and typically have on-site medical response. However, if these teams are overwhelmed in the event of healthcare system overload or they themselves are sick or injured, thousands of workers are at further risk. From screening precautions for infectious disease to 24/7 medical staffing, PRG can meet the needs of any emergency response team in the industrial setting.

Medical Facility Relief Team

In the event of healthcare system overload, when the number of patients in a healthcare system exponentially exceeds the available staffing or when medical staff are unable to work due to quarantines, Paramedic Resource Group will provide staffing relief for impacted areas. Natural disasters and pandemics pose a major risk to healthcare systems, especially in rural America where staffing is short to begin with. We are proud to offer licensed and highly trained EMTs, AEMTs, Paramedics, and Nurses to reduce the load on burdened medical systems.

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