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Our Story

We, The Founders

By Ben King, CEO

We, the founders, (JoeLoren, and I) were practicing air medical critical providers and clinical educators with a problem. In the decades of experience in our diverse disciplines and models of response and healthcare, none of us had found a solution to our collective challenge.

So we built one.

In doing so, we were overwhelmed with the need for an independent team like Best Practice Medicine to support our incredible colleagues' healthcare. Today, we are humbled to lead a team of over forty change makers, driven to improve provider confidence and competence which we believe is necessary to decrease medical error and increase survivability through better performance and decision making in those, the most essential moments between life and death.

Our Problem

As health care providers, we recognized the profound need to perform and respond to the rare and extremely rare clinical emergencies with the same competence and confidence brought to everyday scenarios.

In urgent, emergent, and critical care medicine we found this to be a universal and under-recognized source of anxiety and fear. It was the source of bad patient outcomes. As critical care transport and response teams, we saw first hand this challenge was shared by our colleagues in Emergency Medical Services, Critical Access Hospitals, Level I, II and III trauma centers, and many more. Basically, everyone in urgent, emergent, and critical care medicine struggled with this phenomenon.

The expectation of our peers, patients and family members is that we hit a home run (or at least a base hit), on a fast pitch we see only a few times a year, if at all, with little to no meaningful, accessible, or affordable batting practice or coaching.

Despite our rigorous continuing education licensure requirements, online learning management systems, case reviews (mortality/morbidity), and grand rounds, something was missing--a key component of our preparedness education was lost. Coaching and education for Competency and Confidence was difficult to find, rarely applicable to specific clinical teams/settings, and was expensive.

The Problem: "How do we make the rare common?"

The Answer: We design, deploy, and deliver meaningful, accessible, and affordable training, education and drills, built to improve your confidence and competence--built to improve patient safety and outcomes. 

From our small beginnings at my kitchen table, Best Practice Medicine, founded in 2015, is now serving the needs of the global urgent, emergent and critical care community. We serve a wide range of clients: single health care providers, small specialized clinical teams, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, private sector clients, single entity facilities, health care systems, Local, State, and Federal government partners, school systems, non-profits, philanthropic missions, and many more. What can we do for you and your team? 

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