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What is High Fidelity Simulation?

Simulation increases team performance, addresses communication dynamics, and reduce medical errors. We prepare your staff using hyperrealistic, objective-based patient care events.

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About High Fidelity Simulation

Most of us remember taking a CPR course where we practice on "Dead Fred," a lifeless, limbless torso of foam. This teaching practice is in a sense medical simulation.

However, the realism of this patient, and therefore the reality of the scene, is impaired by the fact that our patients are not in-fact limbless plastic torsos. By integrating state of the art simulator mannequin technology, and employing an elite team of certified simulation specialists, we break this barrier, and we train providers with a higher caliber of realism.

These simulator mannequins take the place of real patients, so when providers make a mistake they can learn from it without risking the life of a father, daughter, neighbor, or friend. With life like anatomical structures, actual pulse points, reactive and adaptive responses to treatment, and so much more, we can control the scene 100% and truly focus on objectives and experiential learning.

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Mobile High Fidelity Simulation

Medicine is quite possibly the last high consequence field to embrace the regular practice of life like rehearsals regularly for the infrequent high consequence patient care events. High fidelity simulation is changing that, making the rare clinical presentation a common training event, thereby preparing clinicians of all kinds to care for the most endangered patients.

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