High Consequence Encounters

Firefighters train in burning buildings, with live fire. Law enforcement officers train on ranges with live ammunition. Isn't it time for medical professionals to join these ranks of professionals who practice their craft with the same realism and commitment to excellence? We think so, and we bet you feel the same way. That's why BPM is here to offer Montana's only mobile high fidelity simulation program. It brings the realism to your ambulance, emergency department, helicopter, or wherever you practice your medicine. Our state-of-the-art Gaumard simulators breathe, speak, change colors, have palpable pulses and much more. 

Get in touch with us today. We would love to build you and your team a custom, affordable, meaningful, on-site simulation training for just a few of you or the entire crew. 

Using our specialized high fidelity simulation system, HAL, BPM provides custom simulation courses for hospitals, specific departments, EMS and Fire agencies. 

These simulations are guaranteed to increase team performance, address
dynamics in communication, and leave your staff better prepared to handle an emergency.