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Vaccine Administration and Support Taskforce

Protecting People, Caring for Communities

Best Practice Medicine is always dedicated to our mission: guaranteeing the health and safety of clinical teams and their patients. Through the course of the COVID-19 pandemic it became apparent that we could support our communities in a humanitarian crisis not just through our education, but also through direct patient care. With the introduction of our Vaccine Administration and Support Taskforce (VAST) we have a team of over 100 clinicians solely focused on the effective delivery and administration of federally approved COVID-19 vaccines.

We are currently partnering with federal, state, and local governments to identify areas in need and provide the necessary staffing and facilities to effectively vaccinate populations identified in the Montana COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout plan, as well as partnering with FEMA to vaccinate populations nationally.

What is VAST?

In short, our Vaccine Administration and Support Taskforce (VAST) represents a team of over 100 specialized personnel, five purpose-built ambulances, four mobile vaccine clinic trailers, and the associated technical and strategic support resources for self-sustained or integrated deployments. As a task force, VAST is partitioned into elements capable of supporting multiple inoculation efforts in our home state of Montana simultaneously with our national partners in a coordinated effort with public and private sector stakeholders.

Best Practice Medicine works with federal, state, and local authorities as well as private organizations to provide the qualified staff necessary to administer Covid-19 vaccines and the ample space and resources needed to do so effectively. Our dedication to improving patient care in this humanitarian crisis doesn't stop with education, and access to quality healthcare is increased exponentially with the introduction of staffed, mobile vaccine clinics. By providing the specialized personnel with decades of experience in emergency medicine and austere operating environments we mitigate the growing inequalities and administrative overhead for vaccine administration.


Vaccinators have an important job. All of the providers at Best Practice Medicine operate under their normal scope of practice. Paramedics and varying levels of nurses administer FDA approved COVID-19 vaccines. Our approved Certified Immunizer Course (CIC) better prepares all of our staff by arming them with evidence-based information and detailed exploration of the pathophysiology of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the various mRNA vaccines available. ALS qualified providers work with local authorities to ensure the highest level of care, especially for the unfortunate circumstance of allergic reaction to a vaccine.

All vaccinators are licensed and insured medical professionals who have made a career out of working in unique locations and austere environments.

Support Staff

From the logistics and egress of getting people scheduled and in the door, to supporting patients after they have received their COVID-19 vaccines, our support staff make sure clinics are running at their full force. Adequate flow of patients and on-site support are imperative to the smooth and effective operation of any vaccine administration site. Improper crowd and resource management is one of the leading causes of sub-par vaccine administration. By partnering with BPM, you know your vaccine administration site is fully cared for, from the first patient interaction all the way to the last needle poke.

Our support staff are dedicated professionals with a passion for excellence. Our Can-Do fighting spirit is evident in each and every patient interaction. We don't know how to qui until the job is done.

Highlights From National VAST Response

Mobile Community Vaccination Centers

Best Practice Medicine is happy to announce the addition of Mobile Community Vaccination Centers as resources for the Vaccine Administration and Support Taskforce. These trailers come staffed and ready and can handle high volumes of up to 200-400 inoculations per day.

  • Mobile, self sustained Vaccination Trailers
  • Capacity for 3-6 vaccinators at a time
  • Daily capacity of 200-400 Vaccine administrations
  • Complimented by ALS capable non-transporting ambulance
  • Staffed with qualified care providers
  • High flow air circulation
  • UV Ozone disinfecting system
  • AM transmitter for crowd control and information sharing
  • ADA accessible
  • Temperature controlled environment and cold storage for vaccines

Do you have a need for VAST?

Best Practice Medicine is continually growing and seeking partnership opportunities with city, county, and state authorities. We know healthcare systems can get overwhelmed easily and staff burnout is a very real threat in the unprecedented times. Let's chat about how BPM can be a solutions partner for YOU!

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