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Due to employee injury, staffing challenges in the current environment coupled with Covid-19 and devastating local natural disasters, my staff was stretched to the limit, stressed and just plain worn out. Best Practice Medicine (BPM) was able to quickly provide our service with paramedics who are well qualified, knowledgeable and professional-minded. They seamlessly transitioned into our work force and quickly became valued members of our team, effortlessly adapting to our cultural and organizational values. BPM helped our organization, our community and our customers in a great time of need and allowed us to continue providing our services without interruption. Their presence not only improved our employee morale but gave our employees a much needed and deserved break. We are very happy with BPM’s product, customer service and ease of use. We definitely recommend BPM to any organization looking for temporary workforce replacement or to augment their existing workforce.

Matt Brown

Director of Rural EMS, Care Flight/REMSA