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Neighborhood COVID Center





Stocked and Staffed

We deploy, build, staff, and operate environmentally controlled, self-contained drive-up, drive-thru, drive-on COVID-19 centers that people prefer and love.

From these centers, our team of physicians, paramedics, and nurses provide rapid PCR testing, vaccinations, and mono-clonal anti-body treatments. Neighborhood COVID Centers are the solution for continuous, clinical support services in communities from a thousand to over a million

We are a Human to Human Company™

This means if you are the kind of human that prefers learning by reading, please carry on. If you're the kind of human that wants to talk, we got you. Call us, day or night, rain or snow, and speak with a decision-maker on our team. (VP or higher) We will pick up the phone in less than 4 rings or we owe you a coffee.


Solve key challenges in the sustained pandemic

  1. Simple, equitable access using purpose-built temporary structures NCC are easily located thru a community to maximize no appointment needed, drive or walk up COVID 19 testing, vaccination, and monoclonal antibody services.
  2. Relieve local healthcare staffing crisis (We bring 100% of the staff so your local caregivers can focus on their primary roles.)
  3. Sustained consistent operations NCC's are designed to operate as self-contained centers for 3-9 months on average. People want peace of mind, clarity, and consistency for accessing COVID services.*
  4. Surge buffer and warning system effectively utilized NCC's provide meaningful surge buffering and early warning systems to a community.

*Imagine if your favorite coffee shop changed its location and hours of operations every few weeks based on the amount of coffee they sold? Super frustrating, right!?

We designed and began deploying NCC's after we saw the same basic challenges in communities of a few thousand to those over a million people nationwide. We found is that multiple points of access, strategically located, organically self-contained and able to scale, solve the most common neighborhood and community barriers when it comes to COVID-19 related services.

Ben King, CEO, Best Practice Medicine

remove barriers = increase engagement

What do people want?

COVID-19 testing, vaccination, and mono-clonal antibody treatments that are easy to access, conveniently located, and built for their busy lives. (On-site registration and no appointment needed services are ideal)

When do they want it?

Exactly when they decide they want to access services. Before, during, and after work hours, within a few miles of where they happen to be, no lines, no waiting, no pre-scheduling.

How do they want it?

Preferably thru their car window, with little to no paperwork and as expeditiously as possible. COVID services should be as easy to access as a cup of coffee or a burger and fries. At the end of the day, it's not that complex or complicated.

Location, Location, Location

Fairgrounds, convention centers, race tracks, community rooms, massive tents, firehouses the local 7'eleven, we have worked in hundreds of setups from coast-to-coast searching for the best and right structure for COVID-19 services. That's why we are confident that people want,

  • Local small sites
  • Consistently available
  • Extended hours
  • No pre-scheduling / registration
  • Testing, Vaccines, and MAB all in one place

We designed a scalable drive-thru and support clinic that can be built with zero permanent impact on virtually any surface operate completely self-contained, in any climate. Below are just a FEW examples where placing NCC's increases the communities engagement in COVID services,

  • Malls
  • Home Improvement centers
  • Rest stops
  • Hospitals
  • Gravel lots
  • Airports
  • Gas stations
  • Fairgrounds
  • Convention centers
  • Fire stations

Patients are more likely to access healthcare that has good parking.

No, seriously, read that again, people want to park! What's better than parking? Staying in your car. This is well understood by hospitals almost everywhere! But don't take our word for it, check out both UC Davis Medical Center and Alta Bates Medical Center increased patient satisfaction scores increased by 50% be address parking and access! Making the Grade: How Two Hospitals Have Used Parking to Increase Patient Satisfaction

It's about people

Staffing is getting worse. As 2022 kicks off, we know that virtually every healthcare system, today, has unfilled clinical shifts that force difficult decisions. A mix of and incredibly expensive travel staff keeping your community going. Chances are high that some of your limited, qualified people, are working in COVID-related clinical operations. We have a unique network of clinicians, carefully curated, who staff a majority of NCC's. These include physicians, paramedics, nurses, and administrative specialists. We tailor our staffing package to meet your community-specific needs. If you are among the lucky few to have enough people, we love integrating your staff with ours to keep costs as low as possible.

Who we work with

As world champion listeners we pride ourselves in quickly understanding your realities, key goals, pain points, and primary challenges. (Careful, we ask some straightforward questions).

Clients we love to work for:

  • Prepared to have open, honest, and vulnerable discussions
  • Clear about their specific needs and barriers
  • Ready to make a change
  • Willing to take explore something new
  • Able to address and tackle the proverbial 'red tape'
  • Provide key decision-makers from the start

Clients we like to work for:

  • See the benefits of a creative and innovative approach
  • Navigate committee and hierarchal decision making trees effectively
  • Set realistic and achievable goals
  • Advocate thru a system for a change in process
  • Field at least one champion, a true believer in our proven process

Clients we do not work for:

  • Make decisions for any reason other than what is best for the health and wellness of their communities
  • Lack the ability or authority to make a decision within a reasonable timeline
  • Are dishonest or disingenuous at any point during our relationship
  • Behave like jerks (We have a strict No Jerks Allowed philosophy at Best Practice Medicine)

We know what we are doing

Like you, our team focus since the early days of the pandemic is laser-focused on the health and wellness of:

  1. Our team and their immediate families
  2. Our patients and their immediate families
  3. Our communities and the United States

We look at COVID operations differently. Our experience as healthcare providers and educators running a trusted business uniquely informs our perspectives and approach. And, we are not the first in the private sector to share proven models with the public sector around the pandemic response.

Private-public partnerships work, (and they are saving lives). Don't take our word for it, check out this white paper written by the smartypants at Duke University, Duke Margolis Public Private Partnership