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Ben King

CEO & Founder

Ben is the founder and CEO of Montana based Best Practice Medicine (BPM). A leader in pre-hospital and critical care medicine for over a decade, he champions clinical excellence and best practice care as a clinician, educator and mentor. Ben is a sought after speaker on the science and practice of resuscitative medicine, team dynamics, cognitive performance, and human factors. He believes that by better understanding how humans make decisions under stress, more patients will survive and clinicians will enjoy longer, more meaningful careers.

As the project director of the nation’s largest mobile simulation program, Simulation in Motion Montana, Ben leads the BPM simulation team in the delivery of world-class simulation training and cognitive preparedness in rural medicine. Simulation connects Ben’s lifelong interest in improving rural healthcare patient outcomes to his commitment to preparing teams of people for high consequence patient encounters.

Ben lives and plays in Bozeman, MT with his wife, daughter and son, and dog, Gus, where they enjoy all that the mountains and rivers have to offer.

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