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Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Rural Environments

TECCRE: Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Rural Environments™

Founded on the standards of (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) TECC, TECCRE is adapted for you! In May of 2011 a diverse committee of first responder experts, doctors, and other subject matter experts was formed to create the TECC standards. Based on the structure of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), which were established in the early 1990's for combat personnel, TECC is the civilian adapted standards for EMS individuals, persons with a duty to act, and by-standers. We use these standards, set forth by the Committee of TECC, and add realistic and applicable training by:

  1. Addressing the vast difference of environments and resources between urban/suburban and rural/frontier areas.
  2. Introducing the Rescue Task Force concept.
  3. Working with your emergency response system to create intentional and effective protocols and procedures.
  4. Cross training interdisciplinary responders through immersive, high-fidelity simulation.

Active shooter events and other mass casualty incidents, particularly ones involving an active threat, have been a steadily growing occurrence in the 21st century. These events bring many cross-discipline providers from Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire Departments together to effectively respond the the event. The hurdle in preparation for these events is that these providers seldom train together in these environments. System-wide procedures and protocols are only as effective as they have been practiced and implemented.

Enter: TECCRE.

TECCRE will systemize your cross-discipline response tactics and work with your agencies to prepare protocols and procedures that work for you. From classroom-based activities and lectures to full blown simulated events, the course of this curriculum will take your system through this fully integrated approach. Live training with the very same responders and resources available to you in times of high-consequence encounters are a vital pillar of the way we train.

Let's Talk TECCRE

This is an active course with time spent in simulation as well as hands-on learning, offering scenarios that may have only been discussed before. We have dedicated 4 hours of classroom time to ensure that all Learners enter the second day of training with a balanced understanding of the environment and the tasks they may be asked to perform. CE: 14 hours.


In rural environments, manpower is one of the main limiting factors in how we respond to any incident; this is especially true for high threat scenarios. TECCRE™ goes beyond just the basics of how to apply tourniquets or chest seals and focuses on improving multi-agency response to high-threat, multi-casualty incidents. TECCRE™ was born out of the unfortunate reality that across the country we have seen an increasing frequency firearms-related of mass casualty incidents. Emergency response systems nationwide are adapting their training to better respond to these unique environments.

  • Nations only interdisciplinary cross-training program designed for live threat events in rural areas.
  • Focus on integration of the Rescue Task Force concept.
  • Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), EMS, and Emergency Operations Command (EOC) cooperative training.
  • Emphasis on hands-on, simulation based learning with life like, integrated exercises.
  • We work with clients to determine best procedures for your resources and environment.

The TECCRE™ program is built with an understanding of the scarce EMS and LE manpower and resources available in frontier settings. TECCRE™ includes an emphasis on volunteer EMS/Fire personnel who are a vital component in rural emergency response. We provide thought-provoking, realistic simulation training aimed toward the systematic coordination of Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement. Through our training, we generate a solid foundation from which to grow effective tactical response models for each specific community based on their individual resources and abilities.

Who Should Take this Course?

State, County, City, and other municipalities with emergency operations in order to to systemize an integrated, cross-discipline response between Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire agencies.

An Elite Team of Instructors

Our TECCRE™ instructors are an elite, professional team equipped with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. From law enforcement, paramedicine, and US Air Force Pararescue to SWAT and overseas US State Department tactical medical support, our team brings real-world skills and hands-on knowledge to every training encounter. They are determined to offer the best preparatory knowledge possible so that you will be ready if and when this tragic hypothetical becomes your reality.

Adaptive and Immersive Curriculum

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Through our 2-day course we will cover:

  • Guidelines and TECC Standards
  • History
  • Rescue Task force Concept (RTF)
  • Tourniquet indications and application
  • Roles of EMS and LEO
  • Patient movement
  • Mentality of the assailant
  • Suspicious items
  • Building Intel
  • Unified Command
  • MARCH and other Tactical Medicine basics
  • Tactics for movement of teams

To best prepare teams for these high consequence encounters the didactic section of the course is broken into two tracks: LEO and EMS.

EMS providers will learn from career LEO staff members to refine tactics and engage patients in "warm" and "hot" zones through implementation of as RTF. They will cover usage and considerations of body armor as well as review wound patterns seen in these events.

LEO or others with a Duty to Act will hear from SWAT Medics, Pararescuemen, and critical care providers to improve hasty tourniquet and chest seal applications and refine fundamentals of assessment in high-threat scenarios. They will also discuss tactics and plans to effectively provide security as a part of the RTF.

Why Train With Us

  • From law enforcement, paramedicine, and US Air Force Pararescue to SWAT and overseas US State Department tactical medical support, our team brings real-world skills and hands-on knowledge to every training encounter.
  • We are proud to be an NEA accredited training organization
  • Who you train with matters. Train with professions to become a professional. We are board certified physicians, paramedics, nurses, and EMTs.
  • You are taught in a specialized medical training classroom and simulated environments built to help and enhance your learning experience.
  • Adhering to quality and high standards, we are independently tested.
  • We believe in quality, not quantity. For us, this isn’t about a certificate; it’s about preparing you to save lives. To maximize your learning experience we adhere to the best practice National Standards of a 6 to 1 student to instructor ratio. This means you get the attention and training you need to succeed.
  • We use brand new, state of the art, equipment and methodologies to make sure you’re learning the best and most up-to-date information and techniques.
  • Our staff are trained in the latest teaching pedagogy methodologies with special emphasis on adult learning.
  • Our staff come in early and leave late to guarantee you have the best possible learning experience.
  • We love what we do and we love teaching you.

Ready to be TECCRE™ Certified?