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Covid-19 Strike Team

250,000 patient encounters and counting

On-Site Medical Screening

In March of 2020 we quickly adapted our teams and abilities to address the need for Covid-19 Patient screening and testing. To date we have screened more than 500,000 individuals and have worked tirelessly to ensure businesses can stay open and safe.

With numerous diverse partners and a successful track record screening for USFS Fire camps, BPM is your solution for timely, accurate, and, most importantly, safe screening of employees and visitors at your location. Schedule a consult call today!

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Confidential Tracking

Privacy and patient advocacy are at the heart of quality healthcare. Our customizable tracking software records and logs every patient encounter for quality assurance, accurate tracking of individual screenings, or whatever else our clients want to track.

With comprehensive spreadsheet tracking you can have the peace of mind that every employee or visitor has been properly screened. In the event that an individual fails a screening for any reason, the full record of that interaction can be delivered within hours.

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Sophisticated Mitigation

Studies have shown the importance of proper hand washing as a major mitigating factor in the spread of infectious diseases. Hand sanitizer use has exploded during the Covid-19 pandemic for it's availability and ease of use.

With POSM, that changes. Best Practice Medicine developed the Portable Onsite Sanitation Management sink system to address the need for rugged, easy-to-use, portable hand washing stations during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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A Leading Partner of Innovation

Best Practice Medicine has proven, through the course of the Covid-19 Pandemic, to be a leading partner of change and innovation for various Montana industries. Faced with extraordinary circumstances in March of 2020 organizations had to adapt to the new environment of the pandemic, and BPM is the subject matter expert they turned to. Our adaptable and scalable solutions for employee health screening met regulatory requirements and went above and beyond to assist organizations navigating the new normal.

Our Covid-19 Strike Team has been deployed continuously, 7 days a week, across Montana for over a year. Daily we interact with and screen more than 2000 individuals to ensure the highest level of precaution necessary to prevent further spread of SARS-CoV-2 or jeopardize business. Contact us today to inquire about our Covid-19 Strike Team services.