Active Threat Events for the Non-tactical EMS Provider

April 9, 2018 

6:00pm - 8:00pm                                                 

This two hour class will be co-taught by representatives of local law enforcement, local medical direction, and a national expert on tactical medical care.  It will introduce the non-tactical EMS provider to principles of medical care associated with active threat events such as active shooter situations, and it will address practical issues such as how the interface with local law enforcement would be expected to function in this type of event.  The reality of how quickly and unexpectedly this type of event unfolds means every EMS provider needs to have the tools and mindset needed to respond appropriately if the unthinkable happens on their next shift or if they end up nearby when off duty.   

CE: 2 hours

***This class can be counted towards "Local Hours" for any providers associated with agencies under Dr. Lowe's medical direction who are planning to re-certify using the NREMT's NCCP recertification model.

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