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Sheila Swanson

Human Resources Manager

Sheila Swanson is an accomplished Human Resources Manager who leads a team of highly skilled HR professionals. With decades of experience in leadership, human resource development, project management, customer and client relationships, community partnerships, and business administration, Sheila is a valuable addition to the BPM team since the beginning of 2022, providing executive-level leadership and guidance to the organization's operations. Her positive attitude and tireless energy inspire others to work hard and succeed, encouraging personal and professional growth in all those around her.

Sheila's work philosophy is centered around continuous self-improvement. She enjoys challenging herself to become proficient in tasks or studies she already understands and is constantly seeking new opportunities to learn and grow. She finds motivation in working with different department members and successfully completing projects. Sheila is a collaborative leader who listens to and considers all opinions and ideas to guide teams towards various solutions.

Outside of work, Sheila embraces all that Montana has to offer. She enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, road trips, music, and exceptional food, making the most of her free time. As a third-generation Montanan, Sheila feels a deep connection to her community and cherishes the beautiful state she calls home.

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