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Loren Deichman

Senior Educator

Loren is an experienced critical care paramedic and educator with over 24 years in EMS, working in various roles during his career. His critical care expertise has been gained largely from his experience as an unlimited scope flight paramedic for several highly progressive HEMS outfits in west Texas and New Mexico. He is experienced in less common paramedic skill sets such as routine RSI, ventilator management, chest tube insertion, central line placement, invasive hemodynamic monitoring, and balloon pump operation. Has has cross-training for high acuity patient care in order to function as a true extension of the regional critical care center intensivists. Loren is also an experienced professional educator. He served as the Director of Clinical Education for a collegiate high volume accredited EMS education program and then rose to the role of Assistant Program Director responsible for curriculum development, faculty administration, and instruction of all on-campus and statewide satellite paramedic full courses, including the paramedic education portion of the USAF Pararescue training program at Kirtland Air Force Base. Loren has also served as a mining operations paramedic supervisor, providing emergency, clinical, and critical care in the remote industrial environment. His driving goal is to advance the prestige of EMS providers as a whole by encouraging providers to seek advanced-level knowledge, above and beyond convention.

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