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Jason Gunderson

TAC-MED Instructor

Jason has approximately sixteen years of public service time where he has worked as a structural firefighter, wildland firefighter, emergency medical technician, and police officer. He was fortunate enough to have had a mentor who introduced him to the world of instructing and which lead him to work as a skills instructor during in-service training, a structural fire academy, a wildland fire academy, and as a skills instructor for several different emergency medical technician courses. Currently, Jason is employed as a city police officer where he continues to provide prehospital care as an EMT and conducts in-service training to his department. During his time as a police officer Jason has attended courses with the FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness in areas of Mobile Field Force and Protester Device Extrication; DEA in Clandestine Drug Lab Response Course and Tactical Clandestine Drug Lab Response; the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center's Basic Tactical Medicine Instructor Course; and The Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths Inc.'s Excited Delirium Agitated Chaotic Events Instructor Course. Jason believes in lifelong learning and enjoys adult learning and performance principles. "The law dictates your policy, your policy dictates your training, your training dictates your operation" - Daigle Law Group

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