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Frances Graham

Chief of Staff

Frances Graham joins the Best Practice Medicine team as Chief of Staff. Basically, Ben’s sidekick.

After moving cross country, Frances’s career began in advertising, building brands for regional and national brands in Seattle. Jumping ship to follow her passion for helping others, for over ten years she was committed to the nonprofit sector as philanthropist, employee, board member, and consultant. She wore many hats utilizing her leadership, relationship marketing, sales, fundraising, educator, and communications skills to successfully be part of leadership teams for incredible mission-driven state and national organizations. She started her own businesses as health and wellness coach and beauty consultant all with a purpose to help others in their own personal growth and development. If you ask her, she still claims her best jobs were being a raft guide, outdoor educator, and assistant camp director (watch out, she may bust out in song).

In 2008, Frances’s daughter died after an emergency c-section and life flight to a higher NICU. She served as a peer companion helping medical providers, nursing students, billing departments, chaplains, and others understand the depth of losing a baby. Her daughter has remained a vision for her life’s purpose. Her passion is to ensure each and every person has access to high quality, compassionate care during and after trauma, as well as for every person to live their best lives to their highest potential. She is intimately close to the vision of BPM for this reason.

Frances loves to be outside (when it’s warm) with her family hiking, biking, camping and anything on the water. You may find her in ski lodges drinking hot toddies or amusement parks chasing fun (water) rides on one of her many driving adventures with her two daughters. Otherwise, she’s at the gym.

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