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Joe Poole


Joe has been involved in critical care medicine for three decades. His career of emergency medicine started as an EMT in the 1980s. Nursing school at Arizona State University was followed by years of critical care nursing, mostly in the emergency room. Recently, he served as a flight nurse in Bozeman with Summit/Reach Air Medical. Education has become his focus as he completes his certificate in nursing education with MSU. He has also achieved national credentialing as a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE). Currently working as clinical faculty with undergraduate nursing students allows Joe to shape the future of nursing care and education. His passion for learning is fueled by 20 years of teaching skiing at the highest levels to ski instructors in Montana. Bridger Bowl utilizes his talent to supervise the training of more than one hundred snowsports instructors each year. He thrives on creating the light bulb moment with learners and educates for AHA, NAEMT, ENA, and PSIA. Continuing to work locally in the Bozeman emergency department, Joe educates patients, family and staff on a regular basis.

Lifelong learning is the goal and interactive approaches including fun is the objective everyday. Joe brings to BPM creative instructor and curriculum development so we can deliver quality immersive education through games, activities and experiences.

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