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Simulation in Motion - Montana (SIM-MT)

In Partnership with Best Practice Medicine

SIMMT in partnership with BPM

Mobile High Fidelity Simulation

Medicine is quite possibly the last high consequence field to embrace the regular practice of life like rehearsals regularly for the infrequent high consequence patient care events. High fidelity simulation is changing that, making the rare clinical presentation a common training event, thereby preparing clinicians of all kinds to care for the most endangered patients.

Best Practice Medicine operates the nation's largest mobile high fidelity simulation project in the United States as Project Partner with Simulation in Motion - Montana (SIM-MT). We offer national, custom, simulation based solutions for hospital, air medical teams, EMS agencies, surgery centers, and a variety of other specialty fields in Healthcare.

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A Brief History of SIM-MT

Simulation in Motion Montana, Inc., (SIM-MT) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation formed exclusively for educational purposes. The mission of SIM-MT is to provide and facilitate educational and other workforce-related activities that increase educational opportunities and health care provider competencies through a team approach to ultimately improve the delivery of health care.

After receipt of a grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust to the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS), three MobileSim trucks were ordered. Delivery of the trucks took almost 15 months. While waiting on the delivery of the trucks, an advisory group representing hospitals, EMS, universities, colleges, and others, formed in 2016 and provided guidance to the project during its formative stages.

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