Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Winter Course


WINTER COURSE BEGINS January 14th 2019

Classes Monday and Thursday 6-10 PM

& 5 Saturdays 8 am-5 pm

Train today to save a life tomorrow

Become an EMT

Nursing, paramedicine, or medical school in your future? An EMT course is a great place to launch your career in medicine.

Ever dreamed of being ski patroller or a mountain, hunting, or whitewater guide? Learning to care for the sick and injured is an essential skill in these and other exciting careers. Take this Montana EMT course and stand out for future employers as a emergency medicine expert!

Learn from the best

BPM instructors include current and former critical care helicopter team nurses and paramedics, emergency room physicians, ski patrollers, firefighters, ER nurses a former NOLS instructor, and a former Air Force Pararescue Paramedic assistant program director-Instructor.

Prerequisites to attend:

  • 18 years of age by date of licensing exam (or 9 months after course end date)
  • No prior felony convictions (or subject to BOME waiver)

Recertification requirements:
  • Complete 48-hours of continuing education every 2 years
  • Complete a refresher course every 2 years

Course and Study Commitment:

You will spend over 150 hours in the classroom and online including 10 hours in the Emergency Room for patient observation. To say the least, this course is INTENSE and moves very quickly! It requires MATURITY, DEDICATION, and plenty of extra STUDY time. We suggest that for every classroom hour you attend you must commit to an additional hour of outside study. If you are an MSU student with a heavy course load, we do NOT recommend taking the course. In previous courses, MSU students who carried heavy academic course loads had a very hard time completing this course.

Associated Course Costs:

Please be aware that there are additional costs not covered in the course tuition that are associated with CPR certifications, student liability insurance, background checks, Immunization requirements, and post course licensing-testing fees.

American Heart Association CPR certification is required prior to entering the in hospital clinical experience. BPM will provide CPR certification course at a cost of $55 per student however the student is welcome to obtain AHA CPR certification from outside sources. Proof of liability insurance ($37) is required for each student on the first class day.

Once the student graduates this course, there are fees associated with licensing exams and applications. National Registry exam fee ($70), State Licensing application fee ($50), National Practitioner Database Self-Query ($4), and MT State Licensing Skills Exam Fee ($190).

Attendance and Exam Policy:

You may not miss more than eight class hours and must attend all scheduled lab sessions due to the critical nature of the material. You must pass all exams with a minimum score of 70% to continue in the course.

Required Textbook:

Limmer, D., & O'Keefe, M., (2016). Emergency Care. 13th ed., Pearson Education, Inc.

ISBN-10 0-13-402455-9 ISBN-13 978-0-13-402455-4

You may purchase the book on your own, new or used- amazon or textbooks.com for example- or you can order through Best Practice Medicine during course registration for $100. You may also use the eText for this edition. The companion workbook is not required however you may use it to supplement your learning.

A requirement of this course is to have access to a stable internet connection as there is regular online content in addition to online course exams.

Course registration cost $950.00

Please note: This price does not include the textbook which you may purchase on your own or you may also purchase through BPM during registration.
There is a $300 Non-Refundable deposit required to hold your seat.

The remaining $650.00 is due on the first day of class. Alternately you may mail checks to:

Best Practice Medicine
601 Haggerty Lane, Suite A
Bozeman MT 59715


In EMS we often enter our patient’s lives at the worst possible times and may ultimately be responsible for their outcome, so we must maintain the highest ethical, professional, and academic standards. The reward for those who are able to make it through this class is an amazing opportunity to help our communities.

If you have any questions concerning the course let us know. We are looking forward to seeing you in class soon!

Winter Course Schedule

Class Testimonials

The people of BPM are fantastic resources for knowledge, use them to soak up every drop possible.

Z.W. EMT Student 2017

I really was impressed with the course. It had a great balance between lecture and skills. I like that we had the opportunity for the ER clinical. Also appreciated the emphasis on field scenarios and not just strict memorization. 

A. F. EMT Student 2017

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