Advance Life Support Refresher Course

 ALS Refresher

We are proud to announce Best Practice Medicine will be hosting our third annual ALS refresher here in our hometown of Bozeman MT. This three day refresher will meet and exceed National Registry, State and DOT requirements for Paramedics whom have attended a BLS refresher this cycle. Our cohort of educators includes ER physicians, Doctors without Borders providers, Wilderness Experts and an Air Force Pararescue Instructor educators to name a few. Over three days we will focus on local, national and international best practices in Paramedicine.


“Airway, Breathing and Cardiac”

0800-0830-Registration and Welcome
0830-0930-Airway cases
0930-1030-PEEP’s, they’re delicious
1030-1200-Pig Airway Lab
1230-1330-Cardiac resuscitation around the world
1330-1530-Secrets of the Cath-Lab
1530-1630-What’s that look like to you? The12-lead challenge

“Medical Emergencies, Trauma”

0800-0900-Drugs in Gallatin County
0900-1000-Physiology of Anaphylaxis
1100-1200-Aortic Injuries, what we really need to know
1330-1430-Not your registry assessment
1430-1630-Trauma Panel


0800-0900-Dude, can you get the tube?
0900-1000-First 90 seconds of life
1000-1100-Babies, just small adults right?
1100-1200-The next 14 years of life
1230-1330-Pediatric med math competition
1330-1430-Wait, that’s back? Re-emerging infectious disease
1430-1600-Let’s go to the movies – trauma and pediatrics

Cost - $275.00

Class size is limited to maintain an exceptional learning environment. Reserve your spot today, register in just a few clicks!

Class Testimonials

In 30 years of EMS this was the best refresher I have ever been to… The class approach had everyone engaged yet didn’t put us on the spot, we were challenged with pertinent information. Great class, highly recommend.


Big Sky Fire Department, ALS refresher, S. P., NRP

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